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The Most Popular Kinds of Home Architecture

The Most Popular Kinds of Home Architecture –

1. Minimalist Home

Home Minimalist

The hallmark of a minimalist home is to use concrete, to follow the basic form (in the form of a box), plain or without ornamentation, and to use a maximum of two combinations of materials. The theory is minimalist houses use monochrome colored wall paint. Questioning the minimalist designation is actually more influenced by Zenism from Japan.
American draftsman Frank Lloyd Wright adjusted a portion of the things Zen-like sliding entryways from the structure of conventional Japanese houses through his 1930s home works. The idea of moderate home design at that point moves its advancement in the late 1980s in London and New York. In accordance with what befell the advancement of the “worn out” style industry with all the maximalist traits of the past time during the 1980s: enormous hair, large cosmetics, huge prints, huge shoulder and everything else that was amplified.

In minimalist architecture usually ‘throw’ everything into something in order to achieve the essence of the value of simplicity, but has a very high-quality value. The details are neat, precise, honest and not making it up to be seen in all parts of the building and space.

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2. Modern Home

Modern House

Modern home designs are often juxtaposed with minimalist homes. Although it can be justified, there are striking differences to separate the two designs. Modern houses have a triangular roof, while a minimalist house is identical to a concrete roof (flat roof)

Modern homes have good lighting sources with large window applications. For modern homes, present adequate windows or openings in your home, so that air circulation can flow properly. Make sure the wind direction of your home. Avoid putting windows on the wall facing west, because the house will feel hot.

Referring to the book “Simon and Schuster’ s Pocket Guide to Architecture” (1986) by Patrick Nuttgens. It had a meeting in 1928 at the Congress of Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM). Determine that the agreement characteristic of modern architecture is characterized by the absence of ornamentation or decoration, a flat roof structure, the dominance of rectangular lines, white walls and the presence of large windows.

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3. Tropical Modern Home


Tropical Modern Home


Since ancient times the ancestors of the Indonesian people have even designed traditional houses that fit the tropical climate. The tropical climate has several special characteristics such as heavy rainfall, average temperatures throughout the year, and high humidity.

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