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Standard Bathroom Counter Height

Standard Bathroom Counter Height –

Standard Bathroom Counter Height

Bathroom sink is a major part of our lives. It functions for our own personal hygiene, but after the function of your sink will appear a design that suits your bathroom decor. Bathroom sinks are available in two types. Then from these two types appear many different styles, sizes, shapes and colors.

Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is a cupboard that will accommodate your bathroom sink. Bathroom vanity comes with one door, two doors, or one or two doors with rows of drawers. The function of a bathroom vanity is to give you storage for your bathroom and keep that storage out of ordinary sight. The counter top for your bathroom vanity can be a standard counter with a hole for your bathroom sink, or counter top type of sink that is formed. Counter tops can be made of laments, granite, marble, core, concrete, ceramic tiles, or plastic. No matter what style the counter top of the sink will connect to the water and drain in the same way. This will be by pop-up assembly or mechanical drainage, and drains to the faucet.

New Standard Bathroom Counter Height –

Standard Bathroom Counter Height

Granite counter tops with a sink underneath is one of the best finishes you can put in a bathroom. To install a bathroom sink under installation you will need the people you bought granite to install the sink in where they install the counter top. They will drill holes to accommodate your bathroom faucet. After the sink is set and dried you can do drainage and hook-up water. If you have a ceramic or porcelain bathroom sink, then you need to use silicone to hold the sink in place. Also a printed counter top with a sink must be silicone to top your bathroom vanity. The bathroom sink will have clamps that hold the sink in place.

Sink Alas

The pedestal sink is the second type of bathroom sink. This type uses a base to hold the sink. The base is used to hide the p-trap and drain it. All the pads that I attach are white. This will determine the color of your other equipment. (toilet and shower or bathtub)

To install a pedestal sink you must follow the instructions given. This will tell you the height of the sink to put the bracket on the wall. After installing the bracket, you can install the bathroom faucet and the drain. Then attach the base in place, the silicon back of the sink and attach it to the wall bracket. This should allow the sink to sit gently on a pedestal too. Now screw in the lag bolt to the sink hole firmly.

With both sink styles to complete installation of hookup drains and drains. Turn on the water and check for leaks.

Wall mounted style

One other sink style is a wall mounted style. This is the same as the base except that there is no base.

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