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House Style Modern

House Style Modern –

Modern architecture, or modernist architecture, is based on new and innovative construction technology, specifically the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete; the idea that the form must follow function (functionalism).

In modern architecture, buildings focus more on the concepts of form, space, function, and construction. The concept of shapes with geometric shapes is characterized by the use of reinforced construction, steel, and lightweight building materials.

The Most Popular Kinds of Home Architecture –

The concept of space in modern architecture is identical to cubism. In addition, the concept of space must be efficient and flexible.

The combination of form, space, and construction which ultimately realizes the function of the house for humans today. Where the function of the house is analogous to a machine for cheap, easy to use, and easy to care is the thing.

Here are some examples of modern house designs:

modern house

modern house

modern house

modern house

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