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Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet

Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet –

Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet

Like every room in the house, a bathroom needs some sort of storage space. Whether the space is open, like a shelf, or closed like a cupboard, if you want to store something comfortably in the bathroom you really need it.

For small bathrooms in particular, space can be premium, so if you want adequate storage space, you need to take advantage of every opportunity. One of the opportunities comes with space above the toilet. If you haven’t used the space, then you should consider toilet storage a priority.

If you have not seen more than toilet storage for a bathroom, then you should be aware that more than a toilet saver and etager come in various designs, which are usually wood or metal in construction. They come with shelves, cabinets, or a combination of shelves and cabinets. Some might even have two cabinets, even though it’s very unusual.

Cool Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet –

Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet

If you have a modern bathroom with a shiny metal decoration, then metal on the toilet shelves and shelf shelves may be your only choice, because metal units usually don’t have a cabinet. That doesn’t mean they have to be plain and unattractive, or even cheap. Better quality metal toilet shelves can be an attractive design, with metal ornaments that can combine contemporary and traditional appeal. This can be as expensive as the best quality solid wood shelves and cabinets.

Wooden toilet space savers, like metal counterparts, are of very good quality, and thus the prices vary. The cheapest wood on top of the toilet cabinet and shelving unit will be made of lighter wood composites, and with this you need to make sure they are strong and stable for what you want to keep. Most of the toilet space saver is in the legs straddling the toilet, so strength is very important. However, you will find that those from reputable retailers are good enough for the intended purpose.

Some solid wood that is more expensive than a toilet storage unit can make attractive items from bathroom furniture with their own rights, as well as provide useful storage space. Likewise those made of MDF and particle boards are more expensive. All depends on the design, and of course, your own personal taste.

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